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The West Denver Chapter of TU is a non-profit organization serving anglers and environmentally conscious friends in an ongoing effort to fulfill the mission of Trout Unlimited:
...  Conserving, protecting and enhancing Colorado's coldwater fisheries through volunteerism, education and outreach.

We dedicate ourselves to presenting timely and informative news concerning local conservation, restoration and related topics. We also organize various outings, have educational programs, and conservation work. As volunteers, the results from our activities are both fun and satisfying. If you share our passions for conservation, then please consider joining and participating in Trout Unlimited. Also, be sure to sign up for our email list to receive updates on critical issues concerning fisheries conservation.
We hope you will bookmark our  site (http://www.wdtu.org) and visit often.
Conserving, protecting and enhancing Colorado's coldwater fisheries through volunteerism, education and outreach.
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Photo gallery of our 2011 Fly Tying Clinic at Jeffco Fairgrounds- photos by Joe Cunningham
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April 2014

02     Chapter Meeting
              AT THE NEW LOCATION:
              American Mountaineering                         Center
             Tying Corner/Welcome 6:30 pm
              Speaker:  Laura Bien
                    from Kirk's Fly Shop                                  in Estes Park
4-6     CTU Spring Rendezvous -
14      Board Meeting 7pm - 300 CSM *
14      May Anglers' Edge deadline

May 2014

07     Chapter Meeting
             Tying Corner/Welcome 6:30 pm
              Speaker:  Members
              Photo Night
14      Board Meeting 7pm - 300 CSM *
14      May Anglers' Edge deadline

Jun 2014

         Joseph's Journey
04     Chapter Meeting
            Tying Corner / Welcome 6:30pm
             Speaker:  TBD
09      Board Meeting 7 PM – 300 CSM
09      July Anglers’ Edge deadline
  ??     Bass Pro Fathers Day Cook Out

*Note! Our board meetings are held in Hill Hall, Room 300 (the Williams Room), on the Colorado School of Mines Campus.  For further information contact Glen Edwards  at <jorgedwards@aol.com>.


Welcome to our website.  You will find information here about our Chapter of Trout Unlimited,  some of the projects we have worked on or are currently involved in.  Just like you, we also enjoy utilizing the resources we help to conserve and protect.  To that end you will also find a little resource information about fishing for trout and camping in our wonderful state of Colorado.  Come join us! 
We are a Chapter Of Colorado Trout Unlimited which is part of Trout Unlimited


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2014 Fantasy Prize Listing
Raffle tickets can be purchase
at the monthly meeting.
Plus at our other outings
and fund raising events


Important Reminder:

Chapter Meetings are now at
The American Mountaineering Center,
710 10th Street, Golden, CO
located on the northeast corner of 10th Street and Washington Avenue

Keep in mind that parking for the AMC is on the north side of the building. The meeting will be held on the first floor (there will be signs pointing the way to the room).

As you may know, our parent organization, Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU), pays for a lobbyist. Her name is Jen Boulton and she knows her way around the State Capital. She monitors bills at the State level for CTU. Monthly, she puts out a Legislative Report on bills of interest to CTU. This past month, there are 2 bills she is asking CTU members to support:
1. Senate Bill (SB) 23—Agricultural Efficiency—It would allow agricultural producers in certain situations to install efficiency measures and requires the resulting water to be left in the stream.
2. SB 17—This bill would prohibit local governments from  approving new developments with more than 15 percent irrigated turf.  If anyone wants the CTU Legislative Reports emailed to them monthly, contact me and I’ll be sure you get a copy.

Tim Toohey (tim2e@comcast.net)

Colorado Trout Unlimited Raffle:

Our parent organization, Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU), is selling raffle tickets for a two-day float trip on the Gold Medal waters of the legendary Gunnison Gorge. The trip will be conducted by the Black Canyon Anglers fly shop. The trip includes lodging and dinner the night prior to the launch, and the night following the float. On the float, all meals are taken care of. If rental equipment is needed (e.g., rod/reel), it will be provided. This trip is valid through October 2014. The retail value is $3,358.
It is $10 per ticket or $25 for three tickets. Drawing will be held Saturday, April 5, 2014 at CTU’s Rendezvous at the Redstone Inn, Redstone, Colorado. You need not be present to win. If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket and/or want more information, please contact Jackie Edwards at either 303-278-2282 or jorgedwards@aol.com.

Let’s Go to the Movies!

If you’re a fly fishing nut (and who among us is not?) and like the movies, then you’ll want to attend a fly fishing film festival on the evening of March 28th. Nick Adler, fishing manager of the Golden River Sports shop, has made arrangements for a fly fishing movie bonanza to be held at the Foss Auditorium at the American Mountaineering Center. Food will be provided by Woody’s Pizza, and there will be free beer provided to attendees by Cannonball Creek. There will also be several manufacturing representatives donating products for a raffle.
Doors open at 6 PM, with the films starting around 7 PM. Raffle tickets will be $5, with all proceeds going to our Chapter! Information about the films being shown can be found at www.flyfilmtour.com/