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Peter Stitcher to speak at September C...

Speaker:  Peter Stitcher Topic:  Hatch Organization Method: Know your Flies & When to Fish Them. Guest Tier: Dan Pass Peter Stitcher is

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Fly Tiers’ Night Out

  West Denver TU and Grand Lake Brewing are hosting a fly tying night on the third Tuesday of the

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West Denver Trout Unlimited (WDTU) undertakes numerous conservation and community outreach projects.

Conserving, protecting and enhancing Colorado’s coldwater fisheries through volunteerism, education and outreach.

The West Denver Chapter, Trout Unlimited (WDTU) welcomes you. WDTU works tirelessly to conserve coldwater fisheries. Our members avidly fish Colorado’s bountiful lakes, streams, and rivers. We work with communities to protect what we cherish.

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